Serendipitous Edinburgh

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Serendipitous Edinburgh

Serendipitous Edinburgh. You saucy minx.

First, you surprise us with a beautiful afternoon. Sunshine and blue skies from 4pm on.

Then that staircase, which I thought was rather randomly placed, was a secret passage to the Golden Mile and Edinburg Castle.

And those clouds this evening? *fancy whistle* Lookin’ good.

Then, an excellent cocktail bar, where we were joined by a random but hilarious group of engineers who were out for a cheeky beverage. They weren’t suave — they bright-eyed and tipsy — but they were certainly interested in my American accent. (“So, what do you DO in Missouri?” as if I speak for the whole state… Psh!)

(Fun fact, sugar that far down the glass is not convenient, and trying to lick it off is not sexy.)

Next? You found a great restaurant where we could linger over small plates of salmon and chicken liver parfait (yes, parfait) and a bottle of white while the room filled up around us. Nice touch!And then, the best little nugget of tonight, The Jazz Bar. Aptly named, as that’s exactly what it is. Standing room only, so Kate and I were bar flies, but that meant that when the saxophonist ordered his beer, Kate could offer a compliment, which was rewarded with good conversation surrounding jazz, music and improvisation.

And then, as if the “best night ever” gods were watching over me, we found amazingly satisfying chips (er, fries…) at a pizza shop slash kebab shop slash whatever-we’re-only-open-this-late-because-we-know-you’re-drunk shop.

Edinburgh. You saucy, saucy minx.

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