I owe my friend Rick an apology.

But that’s ok because I WENT TO DISNEYWORLD!!

It was a wonderful experience with awesome friends which means List Item #19 gets a very Magical Check!

Novio and I took a trip to steamy, rainy Orlando, FL. It was a very convenient coming together of circumstances. We had finally started making much-talked-about-never-acted-on plans with our friends Rick & Lindsey when my sister, Martha, got an internship at SeaWorld. That sealed the deal. Tickets booked, bags packed and we’re there.

Friday was devoted to SeaWorld – more on that in the next post!

We arrived at the park around noon and had zero problems with traffic, parking or ticket lines. I’m never going to have that easy of a time getting into a park again. (Other than the price. OUCH.)

And Disney greeted me with a parade! I can see that this is not going to be the magical dream land that I had been imagining. It was too late – I had hit the threshold of suspending reality and I know that there are people in those larger-than-life costumes, and that they are probably hot, sweaty and want to go home.

But after my initial freak-out I had a BLAST with the experience. Because I freaking love Disney. And I like that I saw Pooh and Tigger walking around, followed by pirate adventures and a Buzz Lightyear rescue mission. And I like that I convinced myself that riding the “It’s a Small World” was on my list of things to do… which it wasn’t. (Sorry, Rick!) But I’m still glad I went. 🙂

Turns out I made my friend Rick go on a ride he
hates because I thought it was on my list.
It wasn’t.

It was difficult to walk coming off this ride!

I got in line to see the princesses with the girls who are one-fifth my age and able to walk under the red satin line dividers without noticing hitting their heads or noticing the other five-year-olds they’re insulting by inadvertently cutting. I’m kind of nervous. What do you say to a princess, even if they’re just acting? Lucky for me they asked questions first.

Cinderella, Belle and Aurora asked about my “Prince Charming,” my “Beast,” and how long we had enjoyed a “Happily Ever After.”

And my independent, yuppie, feminist little heart screamed while my excited brain produced variations of “wonderful!” and smiled for the camera. But seriously?? As a bookworm from Kindergarten, I liked that Belle cared about books more than boys and that she sure as heck wasn’t buying the book that the town or Gaston were selling. And that her prince wasn’t perfect. And that her dad was a little crazy but lovable and had terrible driving horse riding habits. But now she’s all married and just wants to know that you will be soon, too. (Isn’t there an episode of Sex and the City devoted to this topic? Or maybe a whole season?)

Carrie Bradshaw’s worst nightmare?

And really, I’m being way too analytic and cynical for someone who was still giddy to be at Disney. Plus after Disney we went to Epcot to enjoy the fact that we are, in reality, 17 years older than 8.

And that was a wonderful experience to have with my Prince Charming.

Not my real novio, but they do have similar tendencies… 
There he is! 🙂

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