You’ve survived another week at work – what are you gonna do now?

I’m going to Disneyworld!!

(How young are you if you don’t remember those commercials? Shoot, how old am I if I remember the one with Nancy Kerrigan??)

But for realz, we’re going to Orlando and we’re going to go to DISNEYWORLD!! Lifelong dream and the only reason I ever had to resent my parents come true! (Seriously though? They went on their own and left me at home. AT HOME!)

I feel like an oversized 8-year-old, but the following things are on my list:

1. Meet Belle from Beauty and the Beast
2. If Gaston is there, punch him in the face. (Though, he disappears into the mist when he falls off that roof, so he might not make it there…) (Does Disneyworld let the villans in, too?)
3. Touristy photo in front of the castle
4. Spin on the teacups
5. Basically, live the commercial dream!

Just pretend that’s me second from the left, and Novio second from the right.

We’re also going to Sea World with my sister for quite literally ALL of Friday. But we’ll get to hang out with penguins!!

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  1. Bex

    Is that Tina Fey and John Stamos? I do not understand why they are in a picture together.

  2. kassie84

    You are so freaking cute. Hope you guys have a blast!! Can't wait to see photos!


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