Paris – maybe it’s me?

After getting successfully to Paris, We found our hostel tucked back in a corner of the city whose claim is selling 3-piece suits and fancy dresses from their store fronts. I think in the walk between the metro stop and the hostel we had to have passed 15 different shops all selling the same things.

We had a night bike tour scheduled for 7pm, so we needed to fill about 3ish hours. We chillaxed in the room for a little bit, enjoying the free wifi and planning where to eat and how to get to the bike tour meeting place – aka The Eiffel Tower!

The metro took us pretty close to the tower, so we found a place along the line to get some crêpes!

Can I just take a moment to RAVE about the amazing public transport in Europe? Because it. Is. So. Convenient! Even in countries where we can’t read the signs we have yet to have an issue getting around. Plus it tends to be affordable.

Anyway, back to Paris, I have to say that 24 hours for me was plenty. I saw what was important – our bike tour took us by the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame, Arc de Triumph (sp?), the lock bridges, and plenty of other landmarks that I’ll remember when I look through the photos. True that we didn’t go in to these places or spend as much time as we could. For me though, Paris was a ‘alright, checked those boxes, off to the next fun place!’

We did eat some delicious crêpes. They were so full of deliciousness that I couldn’t finish mine.

Paris did make me want to learn French. I listened to four-and-a-half podcast episodes in the weeks leading up in the trip, so I should’ve been an expert, right?? But oddly enough none of the vendors asked my name or how I was. Hmph.

Perhaps next time.

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