Thailand: the first 48

In one word: challenging. In two words: challenging & great.

Challenging because I do not speak one word of Thai. And granted, I knew this going in, and many people here know some English. But a few of the things we’ve needed to accomplish have been just slightly more difficult because we didn’t know Thai, or the person we were talking to didn’t know enough English. For example, ordering food has been a series of pointing and hoping and using Britton’s phone, where he had the genius idea to find photos of common foods – egg, chicken, pork, etc. – so we could point to those in moments of confusion. 
Giving directions to our lodging is a feat. We have addresses written down (in English) but can’t help with directions much since we don’t know how to do anything but point and tap and say things in English. Luckily drivers have been very patient and/or knowledgeable about where they are going. While we were scanning for the hostel street, the tuk-tuk driver had the good mind to slow down AND drive on the left side of the road. Which is the correct side over here. But still was very strange at the time. 🙂 
The great parts, however, are really great. I arrived in Bangkok very late Saturday – around 11:30 – and the next morning we had to be back at the airport by 8am to get to Chiang Mai. Our host, Mac, is a US ex-pat, and has been wonderful, if a little on the chatty side. He gave us great concil on taking a taxi instead of trying to navigate the skytrain, and his wife (who I haven’t met but have spoken to on the phone) arranged for one to meet us at the house at 7:30. 
Breakfast was procured from a small  stand in a busy alley around the corner from the 7-11 (which isn’t difficult to do – 7-11s are everywhere!). The original woman we were going to buy from wasn’t set up yet, so she motioned us over to her neighbor, who pointed at things and we pointed at things and then we got some food. Rice, fried chicken breast (the delicious kind, not the KFC kind), and a bag – yes, bag – of soup for 30baht, or about $1usd. We are LOVING the prices here!
We got to the airport just fine and on to our flight to Chiang Mai no issues. And as we disembarked from the airplane it hit me: the hot, humid mountain breeze. Which is when I realized I will be hot and humid and sweaty and sticky for the next eight days of my life. 
Such a great challenge. 

Chicken, rice, cucumber, cilantro, fish sauce(?) plus soup (not pictured) for $1.

What does it all meeeeeaaan??? (Sorry it’s sideways – I’m typing on a phone!)

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