#30DaysOfBiking begins tomorrow!

Oh, hi there, blog. Believe me when I say I think about you a lot!

On deck in the next few months:
Numbers 15, 29 and 30.

Writing about right now:
Number 23: Go car-free one day/work week

This is more than checked off by now, and it wasn’t necessarily on purpose. My “new” job (I’ve been here almost a year now, which is mildly ridiculous) is only about half a mile from our condo, so I walk it most days. My adorable, reliable, gas-sipping Civic has been turned over to the husband for his trek out to the hinterlands of BFK, and our CRV sits contentedly in our parking spot most days. 

I’m also  renewing my love of my bike this year in a few ways:

1. Biking more in general for exercise and fun

Husband and I rode bikes to eat pie!

2. Biking on errands

First eggs brought home by bike. No casualties!

3. Biking in the MS150 (heyyyy donate!)

4. Biking every day in April!

That last one starts – eep! – tomorrow!

But I am so excited! I started brainstorming a few places to ride in the evenings after work and I’m already wondering if I’ll have time to get to them all. There are so many cool places to go in KC that I haven’t been able to check out yet: restaurants, parks, local shops and more. Might as well just buy me some obscure t-shirts, fake glasses and a fixie. 

Maybe I’ll even lose a few pounds?! 

(Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.)

There will certainly be days when the only riding I get to do is to or from work, or the grocery store, or other close-by locale. My legs can’t handle 30 days of Kansas City hills. 

But my heart sure can handle 30 days of blissful biking! I’m hoping to post something from every ride right here. So follow along!

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