Good Good-Byes and Sad Good-Byes

The Good Good-Byes:

  • Futon left our place to begin its cross-country trip to my friend Cammie in Baltimore
  • Bedside table #1 moved to Midtown with a coworker
  • All our plates/dishes, plus some extra bakeware left with Britton’s brother
  • Flour and sugar disappeared into chocolate chip cookies
There used to be a futon along that brick wall.
Texting a pic to my sister of what’s left unclaimed of our pots and pans.
That extra flour and sugar won’t bake itself into cookies!
The Sad Good-Byes:
  • My brave friend Bo, who is preparing for Big Life Things
  • My energetic niece and nephews, who are already primed for FaceTiming
  • My brother and sister-in-law, who have been so supportive through everything!
Only a few tears, and only a few more while thinking about the first wave of tears. But some of the tears were happy because I have such perfect people in my life, and we made some really fun memories today. It’s pretty wild to realize that the “real” good-byes have already started. 

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