These are the weirdest good-byes.

They’ve started.

The real good-byes.

The No-Really-I’m-Not-Going-Hug-You-Again-for-a-Long-Time good-byes.

Which is true.

But it’s also SO. EASY. to communicate these days. Video chat is a real thing, and it’s not just for naked people anymore. Though my nephew is already known for arriving at home and taking off his pants…

At this point, I connect with almost all of my friends via social media, which has grown to be a way for the world to communicate. That ease makes distances seem a lot smaller. And reaching out just doesn’t seem like that big of a hurdle anymore. And frankly, for several friends, this move will change very little about how we communicate.

Just on Tuesday I was video conferencing with an author who lives in Colorado, surrounded by a room full of Kansas City Library book club people. I used FaceTime to show my sister-in-law which bed sheets we were giving away. Britton and I got to be choosey about which (free) app we used to call each other while he was in Liverpool earlier this year. If you can’t connect with someone, somehow — you really aren’t trying.

I’m sad to say these good-byes, and will hug all of my people so tight if and when I see them before I leave. But I’m consoled — and really excited — to know that there are so many easy ways to still see my favorite awesome faces.

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