Home Sweet Home (Details!)

As Britton chronicled in the previous post, we’ve found a flat and today was our first day “home!” I have to say, it’s pretty stinking amazing. It’s a basement flat, but it’s super spacious, with a big kitchen and enough space for guests (hint, hint!) PLUS an adorable patio space.

First photos. Don’t mind all those suitcases, they will be SO UNPACKED by tomorrow!

As you walk in the front door, to the left.

(Panorama in a clockwise direction)
(Luggage will soon be UNPACKED!)
(Did I mention we’re UNPACKING?!)

Bed, door to the garden/patio, sliver of the kitchen in view.

View into the kitchen + stairs up to the bathroom.
(Stairs would lead to the rest of the house, but it’s completely sealed.)
(Bathroom also very spacious!)
Patio space!! Imagine all the wine and tea and wine I’ll drink here!

I submit yes. Yes it is the cutest block ever.

The location is super central to the things we like (Hyde Park, bike share stations, good food and beer). Britton is able to walk to work (just over 1.5 miles). The nearest tube station is Notting Hill Gate, which is on several lines, which will hopefully make any commute I can find pretty easy. There’s a farmers market three blocks away every Saturday. And, oh yeah, it’s adorable.

I am definitely excited to be in our full-time flat! I’ve already unpacked my suitcases, only to realize that we didn’t pack any coat hangers (d’oh!) (but also, I never would’ve packed those in a million years) so my wonderful dresses are still rolled up waiting for sunshine.

We went shopping to pick up the basics (sheets, pillows, towels, TP) today and will fill in a few other gaps soon at IKEA! I am pumped to actually BUY something from that store, since the one in Merriam taunted me from the day it opened — too close to our move date for me to justify buying anything. I’m maybe too excited. 🙂

We got to shop for sheets today 😀
However, the one thing we may have noticed a bit more now that we’re living in it, is just how … old … it is. 🙂 Old heaters, old range, old towel warmers (or, at least, I think that’s what that rickety rack hanging over the heater in the bathroom is…?), kind of a musty smell to it in places. Nothing a little scent stick or quick googling session can’t fix. Perhaps it’s what a realtor might call “charm”? 
Can’t wait for you to visit! Nifty IKEA couch-bed-thing coming soon! We already have house guests scheduled for September and December. The B&E B&B is filling up fast!

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