An average day (which is a good thing!)

Instagram is perhaps my most-beloved social media account, but lately I haven’t been very disciplined about posting. I take photos but then don’t think to post until 2am (whoops!), or I’m concerned that my phone will die if I use the camera (yes, that’s currently a very real first-world problem in my life), or I’m logged in to the account I manage for What is the Point? and I’m too lazy to log out.

So, because it’s 2am and I just finished watching five episodes of New Girl, I thought I’d go ‘gram a photo or two from my day. But there was only one.

Which, okay, yes, I am super jazzed that I live in a city with frickin’ CYCLE SUPERHIGHWAYS but I also had a really great day in general. It’s like the age-old millenial question: If you did something, but didn’t post about it on Instagram… did you really do it?

(Yes YES the answer is YES you crazy hipster.)

So about today.

  • Today I rode a bike!
  • Today I bought shoes!
  • Today I learned that I can spend £2 for the privilege of shoving as many olives and feta chunks and mozzarella balls as I possibly can into a plastic food container from the salad bar at Tesco!
  • Then I rode a bike again!
  • Today I made new friends and trimmed a tiny tree and drank eggnog that wasn’t from a carton!
  • Today I toured our friends’ new house thanks to the magic of the internet! 
  • Today my husband made friends, and I only helped a little bit! 

And these are things that — even if I had ‘grammed them — can’t really be captured in a photo.

Okay, that’s bullshit, they totally can. It’s not hard to take a photo of an ornament, but whatever. You get my point.

I just wanted to say I had a good day, and that sometimes when you move to a new place you really have to appreciate the good days because there are also low days and hard days and days that don’t have olives or bikes and some days that don’t even have tiny trees to trim. 

(And I guess you should follow me on Instagram. But maybe start following me tomorrow because that was literally the only photo I took today and it wasn’t even that good.)

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