Carefonfidence: It’s the Roman Way

Rome is not Munich.

Rome is not London.

Rome is Rome, and I love it.

Rome does not have the structure of London, nor the discipline of Munich. Rome is chaotic and alive and full of ancient history — the kind of ancient history that hooks you on ancient history for the rest of your life and ultimately leads you to get a degree in Anthropology. But enough about me.

To cross the street in London, you need to know the rules (zebra crossings FTW). To cross the street in Munich, you need to follow the rules (green man ONLY). To cross the street in Rome, you need carefonfidence(™). 

You must be careful and also confident.


You might be at a crosswalk, but Rome isn’t going to stop for you just because you look pretty today. Rome has places to be and cappuccinos to drink! Rome has no time for your floundering! Are you crossing or not because I’m only slowing down once!

Carefonfidence means looking for traffic in all directions, then closing your eyes to cross. (Metaphorically. (Sort of.)) One sign of hesitation, of uncertainty in the moment, and that Fiat is hitting the gas.

Carefonfidence is checking the dance floor for slick spots before busting a move at homecoming.

Carefonfidence is a life skill taught by your estranged aunt who’ll teach you how to smoke then rat you out to your mother. Check all around you. Clear? Okay go!

Carefonfidence means owning that crosswalk like a lioness owns a cub. Put it between your teeth and declare, This Is Mine. I Tell It What To Do.

Am I getting carried away? I’m getting carried away.

My point is, Rome has a way of teaching you to be awesome. You learn how to be aware of your surroundings and how to gauge a situation. Then it teaches you how to say, “eff it” and go do whatchyoo gotta do. Or how to decide when maybe it’s time to relax with a latte and try again later.

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