Day One in Oslo: walking, seeing, trying, buying

Greetings from Oslo, Norway!

(Did you miss out on getting an Oslo postcard? You can still sign up to get one from Germany or Italy! Details here.)

It’s cold and dark here — the sun set before 4pm! — but Oslo’s not apologizing. It’s being totally relaxed about it. And it should! It’s quite charming, with Christmas decorations and lit-up pedestrian streets, it has taken charge of the darkness and made something that is constantly cozy. 
I took today to knock out a couple of standard Oslovian (my term) sights, including the Opera House, Karl Johans Gate Street and general exploration of Oslo’s street life. I think I’m gonna like it here. 
First two photos: Opera House Roof. You can scale a set of steps (2nd photo) to explore all around the roof of this structure, built to resemble a ship in the water. 
Muggin’ (check out those creases between my eyes from squinting into the sun so much! The sun is so low in the sky, the angle is like constant late-afternoon. But who cares BECAUSE OMG SUNNNN!!)
Inside is decorated for Christmas:
Christmas market — stalls selling handmade items and traditional foods. 

I tried Solbærtoddy, a traditional warm mulled wine. According to google translate the description reads, “mulled wine with cloves, cinnamon stick and cardamom, served with almonds and raisins.” I did not get almonds or raisins with mine and I’m okay with that. 
Adorable Norwegian sign. The only thing I understand is “Nordpolen” — North Pole. Oooh, and I think Holmenkollen is the famous ski jump north of the city. Will hopefully see that tomorrow!
And I bought a new head warmer! I somehow managed to lose two sets of gloves and my hat over the last week — sad face! — so I legit needed this. I pinky promise. Plus it is SOOOO FLUFFAAAAY!
And finally, glittery and gleaming street decorations on my walk back to my Airbnb. (Where I am now, and where I am going to promptly pass out.) Big day tomorrow, too!

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