Hi, my name is Ellen, and I need your help.

There’s a thing about living in a new country and having a grand adventure that most people don’t address on a travel blog:

It’s hard.

Sometimes it’s just really fucking hard.

For me, this is compounded by being unemployed. I’m an externally motivated person, a true extrovert. My creativity and energy and enthusiasm grow exponentially when I can share it with people, or when I am responding to a discussion or when I can talk through ideas en voz alta with another human. Without a job, I’m not motivated to be anywhere by any certain time. I’m left to wander around most days left to my own devices, which, for me, is as exciting as reading a phone book. Which means some days I don’t leave the house, or get fresh air or even interact with a barista. Which means my moods get lower and the days run together. There’s probably some seasonal affective disorder happening, too, but I don’t think that can account for all of it.

However, this blog helps a lot: I enjoy writing, and I can’t write seven blog posts about the color of the carpet. (It’s like a dark foresty teal. A bit like deep ocean. Or a stormy day on the Oregon coast. Hmmm, maybe I could write seven posts about it…)

So, I’m asking for your help: 

Find something for me to do in London. 

Do a quick Google search. Tell me your favorite pub (or library?) from when you studied abroad. What odd museum is always overlooked by Lonely Planet? If I know someone is expecting a post, I’ll actually do it! Leave a comment or shout out on social media.

And don’t hold back! I want the most random things you can think of. I’ve seen Oxford Street. I’ve been to South Bank. I can see the London Eye every damn day if I wanted to. I’ll review the basics, too, but what haven’t you seen?

Or, don’t. That’s cool too. I’ll just move on to describing the curtains. They’re kind of beige… like the very tip of a hedgehog’s spine…

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  1. David Smith

    Have you been to see the colors of Neal Yard? I want to go there in July. Take the Central line east to Tottenham Court Road and head southeast. The pictures look so un-London.

  2. Nicole

    I didn't do too many off-the-beaten track things, so you've probably already covered the stuff I enjoyed, but have you done the day trip to Windsor yet?

  3. David Smith

    Also, this is quite touristy, but have you visited the Queen's horses at the Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace? We loved our tour in 2012 with the carriages and horses. Take Circle line or Bus 52 to Victoria and head north on B. Pal. Rd.

  4. JS

    Hey, can I hook you up with my sis-in-law, Rosy? She's a fellow Londoner. Originally from Mexico City, a designer and all-around great person. AND she's a lot of fun. Let me know and I'll have her contact you.

  5. mike fredholm

    I have 3 ideas. 1. If a certain power wheelchair user wants to visit you two, how would he get from the airport to a hotel. And what would be a good hotel nearby – photos of bathrooms are much appreciated. 2. What museums have good history of science stuff? Are they wayyyyyy cool or just wayy cool? 3. Pick an author from there, read a bit of their stuff, and go visit their turf- house or pub. Then take your favorite wheelchair traveller there! PS- Thanks for the Oslo postcard!

  6. Sarah

    I don't know that these museum were overlooked, but I thoroughly enjoyed then. The Transport Museum was my absolute favorite museum on my whole European grand tour. Also the WWII Museum was pretty awesome. Hopefully they are as cool as I remember…

  7. Ellen!

    I haven't even heard of that! It looks perfect for combatting the winter grey.

  8. Ellen!

    I went when I was here way back in 2005. Definitely worth a revisit. Thanks friend!

  9. Ellen!

    I have not! I'm also working on exploring all of the bus routes. I've already ridden route 148 from end to end, and 52 is in the running, too.

  10. Ellen!

    Love it! Also good for when I want to explore other parts of the UK 🙂

  11. Ellen!

    Probably! The only information I have about you is "JS" so…. assuming I know you in real life, I am definitely game! 🙂 Send me an email at ellensayshola (at) gmail.com

  12. Ellen!

    Hi, Mike! 1. Send me a hotel price-per-night budget and I will start asking around! Most of the new or newly refurbished hotels are taking ADA into account, but I'll check nearby tube stations, etc., too. I'm shocked more tube stations still aren't accessible! 2. You mean the history of discoveries and things? The Science Museum here is really neat and one of Britton's favorite places to visit. He thinks it's way-with-5-ys cool. I'm probably a way-with-3-ys. 🙂 3. Good idea! We'd love to have you visit!

  13. Ellen!

    Oh, wow — I didn't realize the Transport Museum ranked so highly! Thanks for the suggestions!

  14. suznbee

    Hampstead Heath; walk the park and visit Kenwood House for its Regency beauty and its art collection, esp. the Rembrandt self-portrait.

    The Wallace Collection

    From friends of Carolyn Anderson's mom. ��

  15. Ellen!

    Oh my goodness, that looks beautiful! Thanks for reading the blog — keep a lookout for this post 🙂

  16. smh

    Eat doner at King's Mediterranean. My friend Eric insists it is the best doner in all of London. I tend to agree. Don't forget to ask for extra hot (red)(harissa, I'm not sure) sauce. Just a 5 minute walk from Earl's Court. Please enjoy.

  17. smh

    Get some tickets to an awesome English game show taping in Bristol. Ride the very cheap bus out there. Enjoy.

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