Rome Day 2: Ancient Aqueduct, Walking Tour, Gelato


I jumped around with glee at the sight of the ruins of Rome’s ancient aqueduct at Parco degli Acquedotti in south Rome.

The arches, now in several segments instead of one long structure, loom on the horizon as you walk along the path. You’re transported immediately from the busy Viale Giulio Agricola to a peaceful park, where locals are running with their dogs and greeting each other on the pathways. Children were laughing. There was even a babbling brook running through this thing. I’ll tell you what, ancient Rome knew what was up.

It was super simple to get to, just take Metro A to Guilio Agricola, then head down Viale Guilio Agricola until you see a freakin’ aqueduct.

Today we also went on a walking tour with Rome’s Ultimate. I was so relieved to finally be on a tour with only six humans and a guide! After the cumbersome 30-plus member groups in Munich, having the guide almost to ourselves was super. Our guide was full of information and was flexible when I commandeered the route to stop for gelato. (What? I hadn’t had any yet today!)

I didn’t take too many photos (most of what we saw is plenty-well documented by the internets), but I do feel like I learned quite a bit that I didn’t know before. And I got to eat gelato.

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  1. Ellen!

    It does say that! So far I've tried four of them and they've all been excellent. I can only hope to eat the remaining 146 before we leave on Friday 🙂

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