There’s a fish in my phone booth: Lumiere London 2016

First of all, it was really weird to write “2016” in that headline.

We’ve greeted the New Year rather slothly: three weeks of house guests, holidays, meeting new family and travelling meant we were excited to sit and binge-watch Parks and Recreation for several nights in a row. I didn’t document that part, but trust me — it has been one big, poofy snuggle-fest.

As for new year’s resolutions: I don’t have one. BUT, I am trying to practice being present when I’m out wandering. It’s such a temptation to take photos of eeeeeverything that I’ve found myself not actually looking at my surroundings; not being present. So, new rule: try to only take ten (good) photos. Then, put the camera/phone away and look at the world with my eyeballs. Todo el mundo is taking photos anyway. I’m happy to take a few of my own to share, but the internets will also be full of much better, higher-quality photos than I could take (case-in-point via Secret London). So my prerogative has become to let them do that, and let me-self enjoy the scene.

Also, wtf, “prerogative” has two Rs?? Since when?!

Last night we finally found some motivation: Lumiere London, a light festival around popular central London locations. I’m not totally sure why it’s happening, other than to add some light into the dark and cold winter nights. (It’s finally feeling cold here — nearing freezing temps — though still not as cold as the Midwest winters we’re used to.)

We wandered over to Grosvenor Square, Regent Street and Piccadilly Circus to check it out. The experience was neat, just because the major carriageways (er, streets) were shut down from traffic, and pedestrians flooded in to see the displays. Some of the displays were ingenious — I loved the fishy phone booth and the fishy lanterns… maybe I just like watching fish? — and some were kinda meh. There are still a few displays over by King’s Cross that we haven’t seen, so watch this post for updates maybe.

And, if you know him — or even if you don’t — wish a happy birthday to the dude pictured below, in front of the elephant posterior! It’s his birthday today, and I like him a lot.

Grosvenor Square:






Oxford Street/Regent Street:






Piccadilly Street:





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