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12 Things That Are Happening Right Now

I have a quick break before I leave to catch a bus to Luton for our flight to Copenhagen (woooooot!!), so I thought I’d catch you all up on some really Good Things that are happening in my day-to-day life right now. They’re all pretty exciting!

  1. I put all of my clothes away and did all of the dishes, so when we get home from Copenhagen, my house will still be cleeeeaaaannnn
  2. I’ve been volunteering/working (voluntwerking? ew, no) with What is the Point? Arts Collective, and we’re officially moving forward with setting it up as an official entity. Not only that, we’ve got some pro-bono backing from an accounting/business firm to guide us along the way. It’s a huge step and a very validating development for all the hard work that our three-person staff plus team of artists has put in to the organization!
  3. Starting next week I also have my first official freelance gig with a really exciting new brand of women’s cycling apparel. Queen of the Mountains wants to encourage more women to get on bikes (!!) and is developing cycling kits so that more of us feel represented in the retail racks. Can I say dream job?? This also means I’ll be making some real dolla-dolla-bills! Er…dolla-dolla-pounds?
  4. I had to — had to! — finish the double cream before our trip (it’s like half-and-half, but a couple steps creamier and more bad for you), so I mixed it into my cafe-con-leche (read: instant coffee in milk) this morning and it was glorious. GLORIOUS!
  5. I also have a delicious-looking avocado waiting for me for lunch.
  6. I got to have breakfast on Saturday with my friend Kellee who flew all the way around the world as part of her trip to Taiwan and Hong Kong.
  7. I joined a book club full of women who I immediately got along with. Plus, it was equal parts book club and Let’s-Drink-Wine-Club, which means we actually discussed the book while drinking wine!
  8. I bought new boots and they were on sale
  9. I think it’s currently hailing a little bit (like frozen raindrops, not golf-ball-sizes or anything) even though I can see the sun…?
  10. The sun has been out consistently for, like, FIVE DAYS!
  11. I bought flowers at the farmer’s market and they are oh-so-bright and cheery in my window
  12. My sister sent me a Valentine and it had a llama wearing sunglasses and it made me laugh out loud
Fun in the sunshine! (Are you following me on Instagram?)


Breakfast with Kellee!




LOL forever. This llama is everything.


My farmer’s market splurge! They make me smile. 🙂
Okay leaving for Copenhagen see you later byeeee!

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