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How to Enjoy Beach Life in Málaga in 24 easy steps

1. Wake up whenever you want. But actually around 9 so you can get to the beach.

2. Cook whatever you want. Buy actually whatever is in the fridge so you can get to the beach. I made eggs a couple days ago. Yesterday was avocado toast. Today was eggs and avocado toast. I’m really breaking some boundaries. It also occurred to me I could put ice in my coffee, so I’ve had a poor woman’s iced latte the last two days. The milk provided at the apartment is whole milk. If you had a childhood of skimmed milk, you know how decadent this is for me. It’s the little things.

avocado toast for breakfast

3. Swimsuit-up: Make effort to grab both a top and bottom piece. But actually forgetting the top wouldn’t phase anyone on this beach.

(3a. Consider finding the confidence to forget top)

4. Walk 300 steps to the beach

5. Secure beach seating

6. Prance to the water’s edge. Let the waves hit your feet and legs, then let out an adorable little “woop!” as if it’s surprising that the water is cold. I literally do this every morning.

7. Return to chair

8. Apply sunscreen. Try not to calculate the amount of money I’m spraying on to my arms, boobs, and legs because apparently sunblock in the UK is so scarce it’s triple the cost as in the States. I’m not exaggerating.

9. Debate between nap, book, or music. Occasionally do two at the same time, but carefully, so as not to overexert yourself.

beach book with sunglasses

10. Take a photo of the beach. The sunshine might look differently today.

calahonda beach

11. Listen and watch the couple a few chairs down as they play a paddle-ball game. The light thwack as the ball hits each of their paddles is kind of soothing. They’re pretty good so it’s a very consistent, rhythmic sound. Goes well with constant whoosh-crash of the waves.

12. Play in the water

13. Reapply sunscreen

14. Repeat step #9

15. Eat lunch. My friend and I bought lots of Cava (Spanish version of sparkling wine, which we can purchase for €2/bottle) and nibbles from the grocery store across the street, so we cobble together a cheese plate with sun-dried tomatoes and olives and salad and crisps and then add Cava. (In a glass. We don’t just pour Cava all over the plates.) For €50 we bought enough food for breakfast & lunch for two people for three days, plus 5 bottles for cava and two boxes of sangria mix. God bless Spain.

16. Repeat steps 6-14

17. Debate dinner plans: Should we walk to the bar we can see down the beach, or the club restaurant at the top of the hill? Decide we can’t be bothered to make a decision yet but it will probably involve paella.


18. Repeat steps 8, 9, 13, 14, 17 until decision is reached

19. If Wednesday, get a massage at the little massage tent

20. Return to apartment, get cleaned up, drink Cava. Or sangria.


21. Go to dinner. Drink more Cava

22. Return to apartment. Drink Cava

23. Tipsy-text husband. Lay off the Cava

tipsy texting

24. Bed

Beach life is so hard.

beach selfie

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  1. Rob jones

    What a great time!! I’m really jealous! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Susan Schwartze

    We’ve taught you well how to vacation at the beach!

  3. Scott

    Bah! Sunscreen is SO expensive. In Turkey it was apparently made from gold.

  4. Bill Thomas

    So when we come bring a giant Costco size sunscreen bottle in our luggage?

  5. Kelly

    I’m not sure I’ve ever been more jealous of another human than I am at this very moment. Drink a whole bottle of Cava for me. 😉

  6. Mike Fredholm

    300 steps seems like just too many…… are not doing it right! Hola! back atcha

  7. Linda Avery

    What a delightful list! So happy for you!!

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