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Two London Bike Tours Focused on Women’s History

So we’ve been in London a year now and are finally getting some great opportunities to better explore our neighborhood and London in general. So when a couple of awesome-sounding bike tours focusing on women in Kensington and Chelsea and literary women around London, I had to say yes!

Both tours were fantastic, led by Bex (I very much dig how the Brits shorten Rebecca!) who knew gobs and gobs of information even though she claimed not to be an expert. Hopefully someday I can duplicate her impressive Googling skills.

Tour Guide Bex Women on Wheels
(That’s Bex on the left)

Tour 1: Women on Wheels — Kensington & Chelsea

So much good stuff about this tour. For one, it started around the block from our house (hooray, procrastination opportunities!), and for two, it was all downhill. Woot!

Also I learned so much — both about women’s history and about my ‘hood.

Did you know George Eliot was a woman?


I mean, I definitely knew that before the tour but wanted to check that you did, too.

Just, y’know… clearing that up.

(I’m such a bad feminist sometimes.)

(OH. Remind me to tell you about a podcast!)

We also learned ‘bits and bobs’ about Agatha Christie, Queen Victoria (who declared she wasn’t a feminist – GASP!), and Emmeline Pankhurst, among many, many others. Such a great intro to London’s history and a few badass women.

Women on Wheels


We ended the tour in the Brompton Cemetery, where Emmeline Pankhurst is buried. I never knew a cemetery could be so impressive. The structures and the sheer amount of headstones is a sight to see.




Tour 2 — Women in Literature

Same tour guide, different theme!

Sponsored by the Borough of Westminster and tokyobikes, the Spokeswomen bike tour was free to attend! I headed out with LC of Birdgehls. We both luuuurved our beautiful hipster bikes and were forced to Instagram them. I’m serious, the bikes wouldn’t unlock without a filter-worthy photo. 😉

Bex once again put on a great tour. We wound our way through Westminster, Hyde Park, and other locations in central London. The route was mainly on quietways — streets with lower levels of traffic that are specifically signed for sharing with cyclists — and true to London, super flat. Definitely check out the next one if you’re around!


Look at how cute LC is with her colo(u)r-coordinated bike and bag!


Look at how tired I am since I wasn’t used to waking up before 9!


Look at how perfectly placed that British flag is in this photo!


Look at how the group is riding off into the distance!


Look at how cute my bike dress is while I’m riding a bike!

We obviously had a great time despite the London weather being its typical grey self. Can’t wait to ride more when I can!


OKAY SO THE PODCAST. I’ve just discovered it and it’s truly wonderful. Guilty Feminist is just like it sounds — two women trying to be good feminists, but who are sometimes bad feminists, and that’s okay. If you are like me and definitely want to be a feminist, you MUST listen. I get no perks from referring you; it’s just that good.

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