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Plans, meet life.

You know that feeling when you publish a blog post stating that you were safe from corporate layoffs, only to be told the next day that you actually aren’t safe from corporate layoffs?


Plans, meet life. Life, meet plans.

Am I though?

It turns out that both Britton and Ellen will begin 2019 with a hearty ‘Peace Out!’ to our respective employers, since Ellen was let go from her job in December. This is both amazing and terrifying. Ellen especially is feeling very cliche.

“About Us. When Britton and Ellen found themselves without jobs and on the brink of a nomadic stint, they started travelling the world! It’s been 75 years and 4,000 countries. Follow us on InstaPinBook!!!”


(Um, though, if you want, you actually can follow Ellen on Instagram …)

Happily for us, our short-term travel plans are still intact. Watch this space for tales from Bulgaria, Berlin, Barcelona, and beyond.

Not as excitingly, our Canada plans are a bit up in the air until further notice, certainly delayed a bit.

There is a very thick silver lining here in that Ellen can now actually enjoy all of the places and plans, without needing to sacrifice her afternoons and quell her FOMO day after day.

We’ll obviously need to find jobs at some point.

But that’s a problem for Future-Ellen and Future-Britton.

Present-day-Ellen Present-day-Britton are too busy shoving our apartment into suitcases and nursing hangovers from our leaving do.

Until then, IT’S GOING TO BE FINE.

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  1. Martta

    You will be fine! All fine! And your friends will be there to have your back in case it sometimes feels like things aren’t working out as fine as promised. Btw I hear Denmark and Sweden are great places to set up a new life, just sayin’.

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