Well, hi!

Ellen 4 Rome Bike TourI’m Ellen, and I travel the world looking for good lattes and local pride. A Kansas City, Missouri, native currently living in London and traveling as much as possible, you can find me at the Natural History Museum, or cycling along the Thames. Or cycling just about anywhere.


In no particular order, I love: family, bicycles, friends, sunglasses, popcorn, beaches, books, social media, tiny cafes, parks, garlic, flying, swearing, snuggling, macaroni and cheese, champagne, elephants, ancient history, exploring, graffiti, and wandering.


I like to write about my explorations of London, my observations of cultures, and my travels. You can expect a daily entry when I’m on a trip, and fewer than that when I’m hunkered down at home. I’m always excited to hear from followers, and I’m always looking for recommendations when I travel — so speak up and chime in!


My first solo trip was to Quito, Ecuador in 2009, and I’ve been taking trips to various locations ever since. In 2015 my husband and I moved from Kansas City, Missouri, USA, to London, UK for the beginning of a five-year stint as expats. We’re still figuring out our favorite lunch spots and exploring tiny pubs. We’re making friends and navigating a new culture, and taking advantage of our new proximity to the Eastern Hemisphere!