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This blog started like many others: as a place for my thoughts. When I moved to London in August 2015, this became a big ol’ beacon back to home, and a place where I could ponder, celebrate, or vent about how life is different in London. My mom liked knowing I was alive, too.

One of the biggest benefits when living in London? TRAVEL. Europe is a one-hour plane ride away! Or a two-hour train ride! (Or a nine-hour bus ride… suit yourself, homie.) Armed with discount airlines and Airbnb — and most of the time, packed in only a carry-on bag — I’m exploring Europe’s biggest attractions and tiniest alleys. I’m a sucker for the popular stuff (think Colosseum in Rome and Holmenkollen in Oslo) but love all that minutia in-between. Where’s the best latte? And how do I use your bike share system? (Er, that’s cycle hire scheme for you Brits.)

Speaking of different languages… the name of the blog is true! I solidified my Spanish skills in Ecuador in 2009 — my first solo travel of any notable length, and also when I also discovered my love for traveling. Someday I’m going back to Latin America. And when I do, I may never return, because beaches. And mountains. And wonderful people.

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I love a good mimosa, hold the OJ. And my family, who guided me to a life of adorable awesomeness even though I wasn’t always a cake walk. I love the Kansas City metro, where I was raised, but I love #DowntownKC more (even though I currently reside in London, which is also really ducking cool). And I really like to laugh and bike, and laugh while riding a bike! I probably like you, too.

Who's That?

If you see a dark-haired, tallish, kinda-geeky, super-cute dude in the photos with me, that’s my husband Britton. Yup. Britton in Britain. That joke neeeeeever gets old. Everyone is hilaaaaarious.

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